Extreme Remodeling and Improvement in North Texas

Challenge us. We excel at functioning out of the norms of construction and fabrication. Odd shapes, mixed materials, true “one of a kind” projects. We'll bring ALL of our varied experience to bear on your extreme project.
We start by leaving the old manual drafting tools and traditional concepts to the eternal swamp of time. In favor of a Modern Cad and CGI oriented set of design tools. To our client’s advantage we fully visualize concepts and designs for client feedback and approval.

Major home and extreme improvements often require structural changes and upgrades. After decades of experience building, remodeling and adding on, we are not intimidated by the "impossibilities" others may see. Structural integrity of your living area is an absolute concern. We and our partners put great emphasis on creating the best structural solutions, possible. Our skilled tradesmen seamlessly make it the structural skeleton that holds up your project.
Projects requiring a couple hundred pounds of hangers, massive new structural beams, days of careful precise surgical cutting existing structural members, we've done it before and at the ready to do it for your project.

1. going to great or exaggerated lengths
2: exceeding the ordinary, usual, or expected
The fine quality & craftsmanship applied to unique shape & materials. Historic preservation, restoration and replication. Large scale to specialty one of pieces ... RCI makes "Extreme" a day to day occurrence.

From our customers

An associate of ours referred us to William and RCI Construction, who were highly recommended. Our experience was one of a collaborative partnership as we worked together on design and layout of our front counter. They took time to learn what we needed from our business perspective and were responsive to our desires and dislikes. Specifically, they listened to our needs and created a custom locking mechanism for our counter that works the way we needed it to. They were on time and within our budget as discussed and agreed upon. William Alexander is a true professional exhibiting quality and craftsmanship. They are easy to work with and determined to produce absolute customer satisfaction
Golden Rule Auto Care - Rowlett TX

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