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William Alexander Carpenter
Drywall Services
Artisans and tradesmen who love what they do. Our purpose in life, mission so to speak, is to give of that knowledge. Hard earned, proven abilities and ever growing skill sets are orientated to best serve our customers. All of what we know and can accomplish means nothing if others do not benefit from it. RCI Construction is the company that brings our unique brand of service to you. Our most important focus is you the customer.
Others talk about professionalism, service, reliability, competency, integrity. These are the core values we live every day. Hard core set of values and loving what we do ...is how we are "Setting the standard others must follow!"
William Alexander Carpenter
William Alexander
William Alexander Owner
William is a 5th generation Carpenter Contractor and a master builder. Uniquely experienced and proven in all non-mechanical aspects of residential and light commercial construction. Being around his father and grandfather growing up he had to have a mastery of "hand tools" before using power tools. Being part of this bloodline he learned the "whys" of how things worked, well before doing, while doing and after doing.
William's Grandfather Lee set the example of customer service, before William even understood what it was. Lee sincerely enjoyed the relationships with his customers as much as doing the work. Communication flows easier, the needs of the customer are better defined and met. The bonus for all is meeting decent hard working and interesting people.
William's father William Sr (Alex) was the driving technical influence early on. Absolutely with hands on influence of general building but most importantly with process; How to properly use and care for tools & equipment. Circumstances allowed for Father and Son to work together at first Jr learning from Sr, as equals and for each other as independent contractors...
Rewarding for both Williams to be able to play & build off of each other’s experiences achieving the highest levels of craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Leading to William (Jr) to carry on with the best and most efficient methods shared and developed between them.
Through the past 30 years William has taken and applied every experience creating a business where the customers are served the same way the Alexander's took care of their own and extended families. By doing what we do best: Loving one another & construction, home improvements, carpentry, cabinetry and maintenance.

From our customers

An associate of ours referred us to William and RCI Construction, who were highly recommended. Our experience was one of a collaborative partnership as we worked together on design and layout of our front counter. They took time to learn what we needed from our business perspective and were responsive to our desires and dislikes. Specifically, they listened to our needs and created a custom locking mechanism for our counter that works the way we needed it to. They were on time and within our budget as discussed and agreed upon. William Alexander is a true professional exhibiting quality and craftsmanship. They are easy to work with and determined to produce absolute customer satisfaction
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